I tried to make the hot topic “Chkmeruli”


What is Chkmeruli?

For a while, a dish called “Chkmeruli” was talked about at “Matsuya”, a Gyudon place.

“Chkmeruli” seems to be a local dish of Georgia, a country next to Turkey.

It feels like a chicken stew with plenty of garlic.

There was a recipe that I could easily cook, so I tried!

Ingredients (for 4 people)

  • 1 piece of chicken (breast meat this time)
  • 6 garlic (8 in the recipe, but it’s too much!) You can use garlic tube, instead.
  • A little salt
  • A little cake flour
  • Milk 100cc
  • Butter 50g
  • Olive oil a little
  • (1 teaspoon of consomme)
  • Cheese (preference)

How to make

Cut the chicken into pieces that are easy to eat.

Lightly sprinkle salt and cake flour.


Grind 6 pieces of garlic. (Easier with garlic tube)


Add olive oil to a frying pan and bake the chicken over medium heat. 8 minutes.


Turn it over and bake it again. 5 minutes.


Take out the chicken and add butter and garlic.

It wasn’t in the recipe, but it wasn’t very delicious without the consomme, so I’ll add the consomme as well.

Cook over low medium heat and add milk when the aroma comes out. 100cc.


After boiling, put the chicken back in, entwin the sauce with the chicken and boil it, and it’s done!


It’s even more delicious with melted cheese if you like!

Our children also liked it, saying, “Stretchy cheese♪” and “It’s delicious!”